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By Joshera Rudertsit


There are many different forms of clinical sexual deviance and, as this essay will explore, there are also many different classifications that are used currently to describe the various forms of these sexual interests. Also, while deviant sexual interests are sexual interests ones would associate with psychopathology (which is in wide circulation in the media aside from a wealth of research) there are many interests that individuals consider deviant that are not primarily associated with pathology (such as lolicon) so, the point of this paper is to illustrate the methods which clinicians use to understand these forms of sexual interests. For the purpose of this essay, we can define a sexual interest as anything that ..(lee117a) " in an erotic context (used here to refer to both sexual behaviour and fantasy.) In general, sexual interests can vary greatly from person to person, but at the same time operate under the rules of sexuality. (This sets a standard of "normalcy" in that we all share a set of common...(lee117b)". A byproduct of this sexual fundamentalism is the notion that sexual interests are dichotomous in nature- either normal or pathological. While this is an overly simplistic view of sexual functioning as a whole and the range of variation that exists between individual (loc867c) 's experiences. It also neglects many of the grey areas that exist as psychological phenomena. “Sexual normalcy is guided by two primary considerations: conservation of seminal energy (it is the most precious material with which one has to deal), and conservation of time. If a sexual act is not self-perpetuating, it had better be speedily winnowed out by natural selection, or breeders risk"