Who we are and where we came from

The Bolt Motorbikes team merges passion with capability, having over 50 years and 150,000 miles of riding experience and expertise in bringing products from concept to production in the electric motorcycle and scooter industries.  

The goal of Bolt Motorbikes is to invite new riders who are interested in owning an efficient electric vehicle. Though the bike is designed for entry-level riders, it can also be a performance machine for expert riders with the flick of a switch. With our patented battery technology and quick-release system, the bike can fulfill any needs of the urban dweller. With an unheard of range of 50 miles, the user can charge the bike in any standard outlet at any time or place.


Dr. Nathan Jauvtis

Founder Nathan Jauvtis has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering and has always had a passion for reducing our environmental impact, including founding non-profit A-Day-Without-Driving, a grassroots movement dedicated to educating the world about how we can decrease our carbon footprint. His passion for the environment has been one of the driving forces to create Bolt Motorbikes.  As part of the core team at Zero Motorcycles, his contributions led to the production scale of their flagship X-model.



Zach Levenberg

Co-founder Zachary Levenberg is a San Francisco native who set a world record by riding his classic moped from San Francisco to the southern tip of South America, a 13,000 mile and six month adventure.  He was also instrumental in the development of Lit Motors’ Kubo electric cargo scooter and C-1 self-stabilizing, 2-wheeled electric car.



Josh Rasmussen

Co-founder Josh Rasmussen moved to San Francisco in 2008 and has been riding motorcycles ever since.  His passion for technology and hardware combines with experience in managing sales teams for legal technology firms and auto dealer leaders, Dodge and Chevrolet.  Josh has strategically deployed teams to scale sales operations across major territories in the US.  His expertise completes the foundation of Bolt Motorbikes' core team, bringing together business development, production, and innovation.


Other contributors include software engineers from Google, Dropbox, Microsoft and designers from award-winning design firms.